2016 MUITO ROMÂNTICO, 16mm/DCP 2K, Color, 5.1, 72 min

2012-present FILME DE PEDRA, 16mm, B&W, Live Sound, Variable duration, Work-in-progress

2013-present NAVEGAÇÃO, 2x16mm | B&W/Color, Live Sound, Variable duration | Work-in-progress

2015 PASSEIO NOTURNO, 16mm, Color, Live Sound, 5 min

2015 SAINDO DE ROCA SALES, 16mm, Color, Silent, 5 min

2014 A MÁQUINA DO TEMPO, 16mm/ HD Video, Color, Sound, 5 min

2013 IN THE TRAVELER´S HEART, 16mm, Color, Sound, 20 min

2012 PLAYING NEAR THE END (I'LL WRITE IT DOWN), 2x16mm, Performance, Sound, Color / B&W, Variable duration

2012 FOTOKINO, 16mm, Color, 3'

2012 BIRKENWALD, 16mm/HD, Installation, B&W, 7'

2012 ROKH II, 16mm, Music Film, Color / B&W, 5'


2012 STEINBERGKURVE, 16mm, Installation, B&W, Loop

2012 DON’T LOOK BACK / LABIRINTO, 16mm, Color, Sound, 6'

2011 GUERRERO, 2x16mm, Installation, Loop

2011 ÉTERNAU ALTERSTEREO, 2x16mm, Performance, Sound, Color, 25'

2011 LUX INTERIOR, 16mm, Installation, Loop

2011 CAT EFFEKT, 16mm / HD, Fiction, Sound, Color, 40'

2012 CORREDORES DE LONGA DISTÂNCIA, 16mm, colour, loop

2012 STEINBERGKURVE, 16mm installation, B&W, loop

2011 GUERRERO, 2x16mm installation, loop

2011 ÉTERNAU ALTESTEREO, 2x16mm performance, sound, 25min

2011 LUX INTERIOR, 16mm installation, loop

2011 CAT EFFEKT, 16mm, fiction, color, sound, 40min

2010 COZY IS YOU INSIDE, Super 8mm, colour / B&W, 3min

2009 DON’T LOOK BACK, 16mm, fiction, colour, sound, 7min.

2009 KILL KILL KILL - 16mm, experimental, colour, sound, 5min

2009 TRAIN TRIP - Super 8mm, documentary, B&W, sound, 3min

2009 WE CAN GO NOW - Super 8mm, fiction, colour, sound, 3min

2009 RUBBER AND MEAT - HDV, music video, 3min

2009 2003, video, experimental, colour, sound, 5min

2009 LVDNGRSLVNGKLS, 16mm/video, music video, 3min

2008 TRIANGULUM, 16mm/video, fiction, colour / B&W, sound, 22min

2008 POSTCARDS, 16mm, fiction, colour, silent, work-in-progress

2008 TOO MUCH, 16mm/video, music video, 4min – co-directed by Bonaparte

2007 WRYGDWYLIFE, video, music video, 4min

2007 SHE’S AN APPLE PIE, 16mm/video, music video, 3min

2007 PUPPENHAUS, 3x16mm installation, colour, loop

2006 FLUXUS ET REFLUXUS, 16mm/video, colour / B&W, work in progress

2006 ÉTERNAU, 16mm/video, fiction, colour, sound, 21 min

2006 PYRAMID TV, 16mm/video, installation, colour, 5min

2006 RUSSA KGB, 16mm, music video, colour, 2min

2005 TAPETE MÁGICO, video installation, colour, loop

2004 TARTARUGO, 16mm, animation, colour, sound, 6min – co-directed by Rochele Zandavalli and Virginia Simone

2004 LUNÁTICA ANARQUISTA, music video, 4min

2004 CAFFEINE, music video, 5min

2004 NICOTEEN, music video, 3min - co-directed by Eduardo Normann and Mariana Kircher

2003 REGISTROS INQUIETOS, video, documentary, sound, 60min

2002 ABRIL, Super 8mm, fiction, B&W, sound, 17min

2001 KODOMO SONG, Super 8mm, film clip, B&W, sound, 4min – co-directed by Luiz Roque

2001 ELE VAI PERGUNTAR DAS COISAS QUE EU GOSTO, Super 8mm, fiction, B&W, sound, 13min